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Why Choose Polotel?

Competitively priced Plans to Suit Your Business

Mix and match plans on each line depending on your calling habits.

Full range of add-on features

Maximise efficiency with exciting add-on services such as line hunt, business message bank, call forward and calling number ID.

Australia's largest fixed line Network

We enjoy full use of the Telstra landline infrastructure and the support of their Australia-wide network of engineers.

All rates are including GST

ISDN plans

Monthly Access $90
Local Calls unlimited
National Calls Unlimited
National Cap N/A
Fixed to Mobiles 25 c
Fixed to Mobiles Cap N/A
13,13xx numbers 45c
International Cap N/A
National Included Pack N/A
Local Included Pack N/A
FTM Included Pack N/A
Flagfall 35c (int only)
Local PSTN Data Calls Local PSTN data calls 27.5c per call
ETF $250
Contract Term (12 months) Price: 12 x $90 = $1080
Contract Term (24 months) Price: 24 x $90 = $2160